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Miss Universe 2012 To Be Held in Las Vegas in December & Miss Bahamas Universe says She’s READY

This year’s Miss Universe pageant will be held in Las Vegas and not in the Dominican Republic as previously considered.

Miss Universe organization president Paula Shugart tells The Associated Press that too many obstacles have arisen for holding the event in the Dominican Republic’s popular tourist city of Punta Cana. Shugart says the main obstacle is the Caribbean country’s financial crisis.

Wednesday’s announcement comes two weeks after the Dominican government said it could not afford the $6 million in financial assistance that event organizers had requested.

Shugart says the event would have attracted many tourists to the Dominican Republic, noting that is a priority of newly elected President Danilo Medina.

The pageant is set for Wednesday December 19th. Yet while the international pageant itself has been dealing with their evident issues, the Miss Bahamas Organization has found great comfort in their newest national title holder “Miss Universe Bahamas – Celeste Marshall”. This 19 year old stunner from the capital city of Nassau, in the Bahamas has been receiving great reviews from the international pageant world and blogesphere noting her as “The BEST” candidate coming out of the Bahamas in what might be over 10 years.

Celeste stands statuesquely at 5’11.5″ tall and holds as one of her greatest strengths runway skills that makes her seem to be floating on air.

When I asked Celeste about her upcoming participation in Miss Universe and how she feels now that the date and venue is set, this is what she had to say:

“I am very excited to have won the opportunity to represent my country at Miss Universe. I am actually still somewhat in shock that I am now Miss Universe Bahamas (giggles)! I have always wanted to do great things and I am working hard, training and studying to ensure that I make the best of this opportunity to do just that. When my Organization president gave me the news that the official date and venue had been announced, I felt a relief and I have been smiling ever since. I am ready…so look for me pageant fans…I am coming to Vegas!”

We here at krakDaily join in with the rest of  the Bahamas in rooting for Celeste as she competes this year, and we know she will do extremely well. Good luck Celeste!


4 responses to “Miss Universe 2012 To Be Held in Las Vegas in December & Miss Bahamas Universe says She’s READY

  1. Delano Sweeting ⋅


  2. Go get ’em Celeste. Watch out Vegas here comes the next Ms Universe

  3. Love-On Dames ⋅

    So proud of you cuzzo! Do well and I wish you all the best!!!!! You will do great things but always remember where your from. Do not change for anybody; be the proud Bahamian you are hun. Love you!!!!

  4. continue working hard, cant wait to meet and interact with such an intelligent ambitious mind like you>…go on and shine*****

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