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Heidi Klum I May SUE Over New Topless Pics


Heidi Klum is really upset over brand new topless photos that have been published in a French magazine … claiming her privacy was violated a la Kate Middleton… and now she’s seriously considering filing a lawsuit.The photos have surfaced on several websites … showing Heidi on vacation in the south of France with her bodyguard boyfriend … sans bikini top.

There’s just one problem … it’s unclear which French magazine published the original pics.

Sources close to Heidi tell TMZ … the supermodel’s camp is on the hunt for the source publication … claiming her right to privacy was violated because she was on a private and secluded beach at the time the pics were taken.

Sound familiar? We’re told Heidi is comparing her situation to that of Kate Middleton … who also believes she was the victim of privacy invasion when a paparazzo snapped topless pics of her while she was sunbathing at a private chateau in France.

We’re told … just like Kate, Heidi wants to sue someone’s ass … but realizes she might have better luck if she waits for Kate to blaze the legal trail.

Long story short — if Kate’s legal attack is successful, Klum can simply copy her playbook … and if it’s not, she can learn from Kate’s mistakes.

Supermodels — they’re not as dumb as you think.

via TMZ Staff


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