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Fully Assembled iPhone 5 “Leaked” Photos


Fully Assembled ‘IPhone 5′ Leaks [Photos]
Posted by: Denver on 31 August, 2012 Leave a comment

Could this be the new iPhone? After months of rumored part leaks, someone finally put them together to give us an inside look at what the next generation iPhone will look like.
French blog has released another batch of pictures comparing the next-generation iPhone with the previous iPhone models and this time the device appears to be fully assembled. As expected, the new iPhone is longer than older models with a four-inch display. Some sideways pictures also show that the new iPhone is slightly slimmer than the iPhone 4S and significantly slimmer than the older 3GS model.
If these photos are the real thing, we sure can’t wait to get one! Of course, we won’t know if this is the sure design until Apple takes the stage in Cupertino sometime next month.





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